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Guild Vault Tabs are Expensive. This MOD will allow us to hold much more and also able to Seperate each class of items Accordingly. Also, It allows everyone too View what is in Each Bank and Request the Items they can use and would like.

- Click Link, Download Zip File.
- Unzip contents of Folder.
- Cut / Paste contents into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns.
- Log onto The World of WarCraft.
- Next to your MiniMap there is a Money Bag. Click This Bag and Chose which Characters Bank you would like to View.

Bank Characters
ArmorBank - Cloth and Leather Armor.
ArmorBankk - Mail and Plate Armor.
WeapBank - Weapons, All Classes.
Essentials - Bags of all Sorts.
HoldenTank - Random Odds and Ends for Multiple Tasks.

Requesting Items
Too request an Item, Chose the Bank you wish to View. These Banks will Update Daily. Choose the Item you would like and Click 'Request.' This will send a note to the Banker letting us know. We will review requests and dispense Items ONE Time Daily. You can request an Item anytime as you approach the level req. you need to Equip it. If more than one person Requests the same item, We will evaluate who 'needs' it more and who is able to use it first. Items that are not being requested and continue collecting dust will be Sold off at AH for $ towards another Guild Tab.

Depositing Items
Any items you would like to deposit into the Banks should be sent to the Bank Character that deals with its Class. All Activity information is saved and people that Deposit more items will be allowed to Request more items. These Banks are for Armor and Weapons. The Guild Vault is still where TradeSkill items should be Deposited.

If Items do not show up after you first Install this MOD it is because they have not yet been updated that Day. They will be updated once per day so be Patient.